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Instructions for CSP systems can be found at www.cspay.pl/doc

Central Payment System (CSP) is an advanced service sales system.

This manual applies to software version F1.0.3.

The described version of the CSP-2ON access device is designed to support the sale of a service based on powering any two electrical receivers.

The access device - after selecting one of the two channels and after making the payment - turns on the 230VAC power supply, making the service available to the Customer.

Payment for the service is made with coins or tokens.


Safety of use

Please observe the following instructions before turning on the device:


Environmental protection

In accordance with the provisions of the Act of July 29, 2005 on waste electrical and electronic equipment, it is prohibited to place used equipment marked with a crossed-out wheeled garbage can symbol with other waste. A user who intends to dispose of a product is obliged to return used equipment to a point conducting such collection or to the dealer from whom it was purchased. The above obligations have been imposed in order to reduce the amount of waste generated from waste electrical and electronic equipment and to ensure an adequate level of collection, recovery and recycling of raw materials. Details of the law can be found at gios.gov.pl.

This manual is provided electronically. If you do not need to do not print it .

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The access device of the Central Payment System CSP-2ON is a stand-alone access device, with the help of which we turn on and off the power supply of any two electrical receivers. The elapsed time is presented on a three-segment LED display - in addition, a tri-color diode indicates the current function of the device. The device is available with 230VAC power supply. The same power supply voltage is passed to the power supply output for the connected device.

CSP-2ON are widely used in: paid laundries, showers, playground lighting, solariums, saunas, and many other services.


Technical data


Device components

This device was construction of powder-coated steel housing, the front panel is made of stainless steel.



Other relevant system components:


Mounting to the wall

The device should be screwed to a stable wall surface with four screws, beforehand prepare the appropriate connection wires.


Connection to wiring system

The connection of the device to the electricity wiring system should be made by a person with appropriate authorization in this area.

The device in the set does not have wires for connection. For this purpose, use a three-core power cable - flat or round wire of the following type: YDY Cu 3x2.5mm2 PVC 300V.

NOTE ! Remember to adjust the cross-section of the wires to the power of the connected device. Maximum 20A (4500W).

Connect the device to 230VAC ± 10% 50-60Hz mains and supervised devices (receivers) according to the instructions below.

The CSP-2ON device has two independent channels [ OUT 1 ] and [ OUT 2 ].

Cable designations: PE protective / L phase / N neutral.

Sequentially, from the top of the cable:

1 IN input power supply 230VAC

PE / L / N

1 OUT output power supply 230VAC / max. 20A

N / L / PE

2 IN input power supply 230VAC

PE / L / N

2 OUT output power supply 230VAC / max. 20A

N / L / PE


Note ! The inputs supply are independent of each other. To receive power at the [ 2 OUT ] output, the [ 2 IN ] input must be powered too.


System setup

The device is configured by entering the settings menu. The menu is navigated by three keys located inside the device, on the top edge of the CSP-CB controller board.


To use the settings menu, open the device and hold down the [ OK ] button for 3 seconds.

Holding down the [ - ] button exits one level higher in the settings menu.

Holding down the [ + ] [ - ] keys for a longer time accelerates the change of values.


Settings menu

001 - main counter - total of all coin thrown in (does not count tokens).

Press [ OK ] to enter the level below and display the current counter.

The amount is scrolled forward with the [ + ] button. The amount is presented three digits at a time, reading from the left side of the number.

We exit by pressing [ OK ].

101 - settings of the first channel

By pressing [ OK ] we enter the level below.

Each channel has the ability to set up to eight time and price thresholds, each successive one will be higher than the previous one. It is not possible to define another threshold without defining the previous one, subsequent price list thresholds will appear automatically.

Successive time and price thresholds are used in progressive pricing, where for successively higher amounts you get relatively more time.

11 - settings of the first time

By pressing [ OK ] we define the value of the first time.

The lowest value of 0.01 indicates the time of 1 second, successively we move to edit minutes and hours.

We change in the range of 0.01 seconds to 720 hours.

We set the value and confirm [ OK ].

12 to 18 - setting the second to eighth time

71 - setting the first price

Press [ OK ] to define the value of the first price.

The default value indicates the value of 1.00 of the main currency of the device . We change in the range of 0.10 to 500.

We set the expected value and confirm [ OK ].

72 to 78 - setting the second to eighth price

102 - second channel settings

Settings as above for the second channel of the CSP-2ON device.

120 - token value settings

Press [ OK ] to select the token number [ 01 ] [ 02 ] [ 03 ].

We define the value in the range of 0.1 - 500.

130 - settings for the length of time for credit increase, according to the progressive price list

Function visible in the menu after setting more than one price and time.

Press [ OK ] to define the value in the range of 0.10 - 0.10. from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

201 - channel selector button operation settings

Press [ OK ] to select the channel number [ 01 ] [ 02 ].

0 - channel off - when the channel selection button is pressed, the display will show [OFF]

1 - channel on

2 - channel on, active function free of charge turn on of the channel for 30 seconds

The function free of charge turn on a channel for 30 seconds is possible after the service by holding down the channel selection button for 3 seconds. It is possible to run this function twice, in one cycle of payments.

901 - beep signaling settings

0 - beep off

1 - beep on

999 - checking software version

Press [ OK ] scroll [ + ] and read [F 1.] [F .0.] [F .3.] sequentially.

The current version is F1.0.3


Currently menu level is illustrated by the blinking of the LED next to the display.


Each menu level will automatically exit after a specified time of inactivity.


Device operation

Time is measured on three LED displays, the device has an beep sound indication.

The operating status of the device is indicated by RGB LEDs.

inside housing on the back platePWRGREEN / CONTINUOUSCORRECT 230VAC POWER SUPPLY
inside the housing on the front doorsPWRGREEN / CONTINUOUSCORRECT 12VDC POWER SUPPLY

After selecting the channel number on the front panel with the blue button, insert coins or a token into the top slot of coin validator.

The value of the coins is converted into paid time, according to the defined price list.

The credit of a channel can be increased at any time, after selecting it.

The open credit time is 30 seconds, this is the time in which we can increase the credit, using the achieved threshold of the next price and time.



Erasing time

To erase two paid times, simultaneously hold down the [ - ] [ + ] buttons for 8 seconds.

To erase only one time, select this channel and then, simultaneously hold down the [ - ] [ + ] buttons for 8 seconds.


Settings of the coin validator

The coin validator used in the CSP-2ON simultaneously supports two currencies, the basic PLN and the additional EUR.

Switches located on the side of the coin validator are used to disable a particular coin.

To disable a particular coin, move the corresponding switch to the ON position.




You can find all the necessary information about our products on the website:


Any defects, comments and suggestions should be addressed to the manufacturer of the device:

ELECOND :: ul. Spacerowa 7, 78-400 Turowo :: tel. +48 94 374 94 88 :: office@cspayments.pl



CSP-2ON during its operation does not require maintenance.

Operating temperature of the device 5°C + 50°C - indoor installation.

Relative humidity below 85% - adequate ventilation of the room ensured.

The device itself does not raise the ambient temperature.

The device complies with the provisions of the directives:



The manufacturer ELECOND company guarantees the use of the Central Payment System CSP-2ON for a period of 24 months from the date of the sales invoice.

During this period, the device will be repaired at the manufacturer's expense and effort, after setting a date for service repair. For this purpose, please contact the manufacturer.


ELECOND :: ul. Spacerowa 7, 78-400 Turowo :: tel. +48 94 374 94 88 :: office@cspayments.pl

After considering the validity of the complaint, the device will be repaired, within a maximum of 7 working days or a shorter period of time, as determined by another agreement with the purchaser of the system.

The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse to repair or replace the device, within the warranty period, if there is a concern that the device has been operated inconsistently with this manual.

The CSP-2ON Central Payment System was manufactured in Poland.